abouT  PantheR.

The importance of Panther came around when comparing the Welsh publishing scene to that of Scotland. So much great Scottish fiction is published and released, and Scotland is alive with literature. 

Wales has it's fair share of literature and publishers, and they're doing great jobs. But we wanted to arrive and do something different. We don't believe in closing our doors to anybody, regardless of their ability to speak the Welsh language, or because they write in genre fiction. We don't believe in closing off our submissions to gender, or to those that have never published before. We're here to champion the unknown, to find and nurture fresh talent, and to work closely with them, developing their writing, their books, and in return, they develop us. 

We're no experts. Not like the big lions of the publishing world. We're a small team - VERY SMALL TEAM - and we are intent on shining light on those that might get overlooked elsewhere. We are huge fans of writing in the genres of mystery, crime, paranormal, thriller and horror, so we're looking for writers who can bring that to us. We have plenty planned at Panther Publishing. 

We're proud to be a publishing company in Wales. 

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