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Panther Publishing is currently closed to submissions. 
As a small independent publishing house, we can't promise anything. We do not provide advances - as much as we'd like to - but we do offer fair and good royalty rates. We can not offer you massive marketing budgets, and huge advertising campaigns, but we will try our best to get your book seen and read. What we can do for you is nurture your talent, work closely with you to develop a great book, and hopefully work together in the future on new ideas and fresh new releases. 
We are publishers of mystery, crime, horror, thriller and paranormal. We don't mind if you've got romantic elements. We don't mind if you've got a YA feel. Just as long as they fit those genres. 
We don't care about all that formatting nonsense. Obviously don't send us documents where words are all over the place, but we won't care if your margins are out, or if your paragraphs aren't indented properly. Polish your manuscript as much as possible, but don't panic if you've sent a typo. It's your writing, and your potential for a good story, that we're looking at. 
Here's what to send:
  • Your first three chapters. 
  • A cover letter. Please make this short. 
  • An author bio. A brief overview is only needed. 
  • A synopsis - Specifically, the beginning, middle and end. Please include spoilers.
Please send these documents to: Submission currently closed.
Alternatively, copy and paste this info into the form on this page.
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AUGUST 1st 2021