Acquiring the Winter Smith series

Panther Publishing are pleased to announce the acquiring of the rights to the Winter Smith series, written by J.S. Strange, and previously self published in 2016 and 2017.

Winter Smith: London’s Burning and Winter Smith: The Secrets of France centre around the story of 17-year-old socialite Winter Smith, as she escapes London during the zombie apocalypse.

The series, planned as a trilogy, faltered after book two, and instead Strange turned to the successful murder mystery series, the Jordan Jenner Mysteries.

Panther will publish the Winter Smith series under their horror imprint, Night Terrors.

James at Panther said: ‘I’ve been trying my hardest to get the Winter Smith series, and finally Jack relented, and I got my paws on it. I had read the Winter Smith series when they were released, and loved them, and so naturally I wanted to work with Jack when he approached Panther with the mystery series. But it was always in the back of my mind that this was a zombie series with potential, that needed and deserved a readership, and Panther could make that happen. We are not going to rush this series. There is no release date - yet - but Panther is pleased to greet Winter as an old friend.’

Jack said: ‘I’m really pleased to be working with Panther on something new, and to be a part of their Night Terrors imprint. In every other email, James has been asking about the future of the Winter Smith series, and finally I relented. Panther have been great with my murder mystery series, and have been championing the potential in the Winter Smith series since day 1. Now is the time to bring Winter to a new audience, and rewrite some of her story, for a new set of readers. The titles may change, the existing stories may be re-edited, and book two may completely be scrapped. It will probably be published under a pseudonym. It’s time to approach the Winter Smith series with a mature outlook, and with new, fresh ideas, and come at the series from a different angle. It’s time to do this series justice, and properly!’

Whilst we await more details on the Winter Smith series, make sure you check out the Jordan Jenner series, written by J.S. Strange.

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