An Interview with WD Jackson-Smart

To celebrate the release of From Inside The House, we interviewed WD Jackson-Smart about the second book in the DI Graves series. Like thrillers? Get your copy of From Inside The house here:

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Now, let's get to the interview!

Tell us about From Inside The House 

From Inside The House is book 2 in the DI Graves crime series set in London. Just as with book 1 in the series, it tackles a sub-genre of horror, this time home invasions. I love home invasion movies so it was a fun one to write!

What is the plot for From Inside The House 

The book charts DI Daniel Graves' next big case. Someone is breaking into houses at night, murdering the occupants and taking body parts. Daniel and his partner DI Charlie Palmer suspect that they are dealing with two serial killers working together. As the body counts rises, they struggle to find motive, and London starts to feel the terror of two killers who could target seemingly anyone in the safety of their own homes.

Not only that, someone is still blaming Daniel for a death related to one of his first big London cases (in book 1) and they are not ready to let it drop, taunting and threatening him from the shadows. Even as Daniel tries to solve the case of the serial killers, it becomes clear that his own life may be in danger too, from someone watching his every move.

What can you tell us about the characters of From Inside The House 

Most of them carry over from book 1. DI Daniel Graves is still the protagonist and after going through some harrowing events in book 1, he is still trying to recover, but someone won't let him. He is not the newbie he was when he first moved to London though and is starting to gain confidence as a homicide detective. He's passionate about his job and this really drives him.

DI Charlie Palmer is also by his side, and he too is dealing with something from his past. Ex-girlfriend and tenacious journalist Kelly Malone has come back into his life after getting the scent of the serial killer case and she is ready to cause him no end of grief to get what she wants, including emotionally manipulating him. This time round he is struggling more than normal and will need to band together with Daniel to solve the case and make it through unscathed. As for Kelly? She will do anything it takes to get ahead, even if that means putting herself in danger.

Favourite scene in From Inside The House 

I think my favourite scene may actually be when a gay couple are targeted by the killers, a good way into the book. It's really intense and deliberately drawn out, as I wanted to make the reader really feel for the couple and be routing for them as they try to survive. They know about the killers from seeing the news so following them as they realise what's going on and trying to figure out why they're being targeted, then attempting to escape is hopefully edge-of-the-seat reading!

From Inside The House - Out Now!

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