Character Profiles in the DI Graves Series

To celebrate the release of The Demons Beneath, we have been talking to author WD Jackson-Smart. Today, we learn the character profiles of the characters in the DI Graves series. The Demons Beneath publishes June 1st.

Detective Inspector Daniel Graves

Previously a DI based in Derbyshire, Daniel is a newbie to London, transferred to work in homicide at the London Met. In his thirties, Daniel is an experienced and passionate DI but he has a number of personal issues that can threaten to undermine him.

First is his strong aversion to death. Due to a painful incident involving his sister when he was a teenager, Daniel struggles to reconcile his need to solve murder cases with his painful history and personal experience with death.

Second, Daniel is a doubter, which can work for and against him. He’s often cynical of those around him, doubting what they do and say regularly, which helps him see through lies. however, he often doubts himself, his skills, even his appearance. To survive as a DI in London, he’ll need to learn how to believe in himself more and grow thicker skin!

Detective Inspector Charlie Palmer

A London native and Daniel’s work partner, Charlie is handsome, intelligent and charming. He’s kind-hearted and often cracking jokes or lightening a situation.

A great partner to Daniel, Charlie is an excellent DI and is more than willing to use his looks and charm to benefit him, though he struggles to not be written off as an arrogant womaniser, something which people often assume of him.

He has also made some professional mistakes in the past, due in part to his trusting nature.

Janine Morris

The matriarch of the Morris family, Janine is a woman who will do anything to keep her family safe. That includes potentially humiliating herself on television with talk of demons.

Her children are her life and she will do what needs to be done to protect them, though her relationship with her husband sometimes threatens to derail her, as her own inner demons cause their own issues in her marriage.

Catherine Delamar

A self-professed expert in demonology, Catherine wants to help those who claim to be struggling under seemingly supernatural circumstance, but not entirely philanthropically. Being a demonologist is her job and she is more than happy to charge highly for her services.

A cautious woman, Catherine likes to keep details of her own life private and tries hard to avoid too much attention being focused on her, but sometimes her greed can get in the way of that!

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