From Inside The House: Out Now!

Read The Demons Beneath and found it gripping? Couldn’t wait until the second in the D.I. Graves series? Worry no more! From Inside The House is out now!

The second in the D.I. Graves series, and written by WD Jackson-Smart, From Inside The House revisits Daniel Graves as another spree of murders hits London.

Two victims, brutally murdered in their home. Body parts are being taken.

D.I. Graves is back on the case to face his toughest challenge yet. A case with no motive and no suspect, nothing at all that could explain why someone would kill innocent people in such a way.

Then the next victims are discovered. Another pair of bodies. New body parts taken. Again in their own home.

Someone is breaking into houses across the city at night, leaving horror in their wake. It seems to Graves that this could be two serial killers, working together. But how are they choosing their victims? Is any house in London a target? Is anyone safe?

To make matters worse, a journalist is threatening to cause more harm than good with her obsessive push in covering the story to further her career, and someone is targeting Graves personally, seeking revenge against him in relation to an old case.

Can Graves keep himself safe long enough to stop the serial killers before they strike again?

And don’t forget, The Demons Beneath is out now, and it’s SO close to becoming a top 100 bestseller in hard boiled mystery! Make sure you get your copy by following this link:

Want to read From Inside The House? Get your copy here:

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