Who are Panther Publishing?

When we sit in Panther HQ - a small room - we get to work on all sorts of things. We contact our current authors, we send a couple of emails, and we continue to work to get our books into readers hands.

But one thing that I've been reflecting on lately is how people not only find out about our books, but come to recognise Panther as a publishing entity. We look at some great independent presses that have set up over the years, and we've seen them get a dedicated, strong following. Their authors are talented, and each author has a fanbase. Readers come back to those writers, but also those publishers, because they're trusted, and they're known.

We want to be like that.

To do that, we aim to publish quality and well-written fiction by new, fresh talent. Sure, we'll publish someone who may have had a track record in the past, but there is nothing like finding a new writer, developing their writing, and giving them control and the freedom to write what they want, and work with us to get their books out there. We know how important it is to tell their own story. True, we offer suggestions. We make changes. But nothing that the author isn't comfortable with.

We publish fiction. We publish in the genres of crime, thriller, mystery, paranormal and horror. We chose those genres because we are fans of that genre ourselves. It seemed natural to want to find more talent in those genres. We’re particularly keen to bring horror to our publications. We have plenty of plans for that genre, one of which includes a series of books under one name, taking inspiration from Point Horror.

For those who who have been with us since the beginning, we’ve already told you our appreciation. You night already know we have signed J.S. Strange, a writer of mystery and horror. We’ve recently signed WD Jackson-Smart, a crime thriller writer, and his novels are publishing with Panther in June and July. You can pre-order From Inside The House, the second in the D.I. Graves series, now.

We are a publisher based in Wales. South Wales, to be more specific. We want to bring more Welsh fiction to our chosen genres, but we will publish writers from elsewhere if their stories are good. We want to be a leading Welsh publisher, like the ones that exist here already. To do that, we aim to work hard, develop relationships, and get to work on our business. We hope to reflect Wales within our publications, as much as possible.

We’re not even a year old yet, and we’re learning as we go along, but get to know us! You can reach us at Twitter: @PantherPubs and Instagram: @PantherPubs. If you’re a writer, submit to us! Readers and writers and anybody else, chat to us. We’re friendly Panthers. It will be a pleasure to share this journey with you!

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